Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Path

I must always be out on the edge.   Otherwise, what is the point?  Life otherwise is not satisfying.  There are two kind of people always in life: those who are on the edge, and those who are afraid to try.  Right, I am always pushing my boundaries even if I don't know what is beyond the edge.  I must at least try to find out, even if it ends in failure.  Americans usually are the second type.  I know composers who have no aspiration higher than teaching at J.C. in small town in Texas. Well, that is their choice.  I go a different way.  A way that will lead to the edge.   Most Americans will be confounded by this.  That is because their laziness prevents them from seeking a new path.  But I must always seek a new path, no matter if it means others cannot follow.  If they betray me because they have fear to lead in their life, it is for them to decide.  Right, I already don't care about those people.

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