Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Path

I must always be out on the edge.   Otherwise, what is the point?  Life otherwise is not satisfying.  There are two kind of people always in life: those who are on the edge, and those who are afraid to try.  Right, I am always pushing my boundaries even if I don't know what is beyond the edge.  I must at least try to find out, even if it ends in failure.  Americans usually are the second type.  I know composers who have no aspiration higher than teaching at J.C. in small town in Texas. Well, that is their choice.  I go a different way.  A way that will lead to the edge.   Most Americans will be confounded by this.  That is because their laziness prevents them from seeking a new path.  But I must always seek a new path, no matter if it means others cannot follow.  If they betray me because they have fear to lead in their life, it is for them to decide.  Right, I already don't care about those people.

Lazy Americans

I have heard Americans say how impossible it is to get Japanese visa.  Right, they really are too lazy to pursue this goal.   My American dude will never do a thing until he feels a fire on his butt. This is the American way.  But it is not a matter.  No matter how many others betray me, or give up on my project, it will not stop, but continue with out the lazy American mind.  

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2 kinds of composers

As a japanese composer, i must recognize that there are two kinds of composers, those who know who they are and those who are searching.  right, i am the first kind.  iu composer is the second kind who doesn't know what they want to do other than win prizes and kiss white man's asses.  right, i am not interested so much in that for my life.  and powder sucks in every way in life. i hate that kinda composer.  

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Back Door in Music

I am young and a japanese composition. This blog will be for those who want to go into the back of music's door. Everyone always asks to me: how can I get into my own music? Only some one with a strong sense of their music can have a back door into it, and they will be the ones to find it. Some people work only for the money. But I work for the vision of music and to create it through my own feeling. It matters only for those not to follow, but to find their own, if they have the vision to.